Raised for charity: £102,864.00

Great Ormond Street Hospital.
Saving Children’s lives.

About GOSH

Great Ormond Street Hospital is a place where amazing things happen. Children with life threatening illnesses turn to them every day for a new chance of life, but they need your help to continue with this great work.

When Great Ormond Street Hospital first opened its doors on 14th February 1852, it was the the only children’s hospital in the English speaking world. At that time, Dr. Charles West and his staff could only treat ten children at a time. More than 150 years on, Great Ormond Street Hospital has grown beyond anything Dr. West could ever have imagined and today it is one of the World’s leading children’s hospitals. With its partner, the UCL Institute of Children’s Health, it is also the largest centre for research into childhood illnesses outside of North America.

In the UK, the hospital has the largest range of children’s specialists available under one roof. Many of the children have complex and unique conditions and require expertise that only Great Ormond Street Hospital can provide.

Some of the Hospital is very old, with cramped and outdated wards. With your support, Great Ormond Street Hospital can build new facilities, where parents can sleep alongside their child and where

children have more space in which to get well. Your contribution could help to pay for vital life-saving equipment which has been tailor-made especially for small patients.

Donations are needed to help fund ground breaking research to find cures and treatments giving children everywhere a brighter future. To give you an idea of what a difference this can make, research by Great Ormond Street Hospital has lead to cochlear implants to help deaf children to hear, new treatments for epilepsy and special valves for children with heart defects.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s charity needs to raise £50 million a year to make sure it remains the world-class pioneering institution it is today. The money that you donate via the Children Of London project will go some of the way to help in achieving that goal. Please be assured that 100% of the money that you contribute via The Children Of London will go directly to the Great Ormond Street Hospital children’s charity; there are no fees and no administration charges.

For more information about the amazing work done at Great Ormond Street Hospital visit www.gosh.org.

If you would like to donate directly to this fantastic charity, you can do so here:


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Total Raised for Charity: £102,864.00

"Richard is an amazing photographer, he immediately connects with the kids creating a fun environment to catch them at their best. He doesn't just capture an image but manages to catch their character too. The end result is more than just a photograph, really a piece of art to treasure." - Suzanne Briggs, Mother of Oliver & Charlie